Be a part of the Enterprise

Most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software are conceptualized & implemented taking into account the needs of the Head Office (HO). Failure to implement the same at construction sites is usually attributed to the foremen & supervisors being tech averse. Since ERPs are not connected to the construction sites, ERPs do not always show the actual status of the project making them unreliable for decision making.

SuperWise has been conceptualized taking into account that complex, impractical and inconvenient processes cannot be implemented at construction sites. Reporting information in real-time is simpler for Foremen & Supervisors with the SuperWise Mobile App, making them stakeholders in the project management processes. With up-to-date information available on a click, stakeholders are able to take data-driven decisions.

Highlight issues & assign responsibility

Within an organization, the site execution team is usually at blame for delays in the construction project. Since very little historical information on the project is available, challenging this becomes difficult.

There are numerous issues that can cause delays in the project. With the SuperWise App, we allow foremen & supervisors to report issues in real-time with relevant attachments in the form of documents, images, videos & assign the issue to the concerned departments or entities. By notifying the right people at the right time, responsible entities can be identified and issues can be resolved faster.

Level-up your Domain Knowledge

Unlike applications that restrict Foremen & Supervisors to specific areas & forms in an enterprise application, SuperWise is designed to allow them to have a better visibility on the project information so that they can plan better at the execution level.

By providing a look ahead of the construction schedule, the site execution team is notified of upcoming activities and material/labour requirements for those activities. Foremen & Supervisors can raise material indents in time so that there is no delay in procurement of materials.


Can the application work in local language?

Absolutely, SuperWise App supports local languages for foremen who are not well versed with English language. In fact, SuperWise is being used in Hindi language by foremen in remote locations in India.

Do you provide on-site training?

We have designed the application to ensure that foremen can start using the application with minimal or no training. However, upon request, we can hold a training session at your construction sites.

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