Consistently Organize Documents across Projects

Given the sheer number of documents, revisions and people involved in a project, documents are scattered across computers and emails of different individuals. Getting to a particular file and its history is a tiresome activity.

SuperWise facilitates document folder structure that makes sure documents across all your projects are organized in a similar manner. No more wasting time on finding a document. More importantly, it also keeps a record of document revisions made to a document through the course of the project.

Access rights for each document folder can be configured for each user so as to provide restricted access to certain folders/files.

Consultant Submissions & Approvals

Consultants & Architects on the project can be invited to collaborate on SuperWise. They can submit drawings & revisions to those drawings directly to the DMS. The submitted documents can be reviewed, commented upon and workflows can be defined for the approval process

Approval Timelines for drawings & documents can be configured so that the stakeholders are alerted in case of time violations in approval process thereby ensuring that the time to review for documents by individual users does not delay the overall approval timelines.

On-the-go access to documents

An important aspect of a Document Management Software (DMS) is on-the-go accessibility of documents. With SuperWise, access to the project documents is not just restricted to an office desktop. An easy to operate mobile app allows the project team, especially the execution team, to access drawings and documents from their cellphones. Users are notified when a document is revised, they can access previous revisions and comment on documents.

For users on the move, the mobile app allows to scan and submit documents directly to the DMS effortlessly.


Can documents be viewed online or do we need to download them?

Curently, to view the document, you need to download it. We intend to keep it that way given that heavier files are better viewed directly on your computer/mobile device than in a browser. However, we have not ruled out the possibility of the same in future.

Can documents be searched based on the file contents?

At the moment, we do not offer the above functionality. However, it is on our long-term roadmap.

We already have a document management system and we would not like to change that. Can you push documents into that system directly?

Sure, if your document management software (DMS) allows for that, with SuperWise you can seamlessly integrate with the DMS.

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