Drive Consistency in Quality

Minimize delays & avert risks by identifying defects in activities in real-time. The Quality monitoring module in SuperWise works in tight collaboration with the construction schedule and progress. This ensures that the quality team gets notified for inspections activities with the pre-defined checklist relevant to that activity.

An exhaustive library of pre-defined quality & safety checklists for different trades specifically curated for the construction industry is available on the platform. Optionally, customize existing checklists or create custom formats that are already followed in your organization. Get more than just textual content from checklists in SuperWise. Get real-time photographs & videos from the site along with checklists.

Safety first

Safety of construction staff is of paramount importance to every construction company. However, putting in place practically implementable processes that ensure safety on construction sites is a challenge for every organization.

With SuperWise, ensure the safety of the construction staff by assigning responsibility & timely reminders for regular safety drives across projects. Potential safety hazards can be reported & assigned to the relevant departments immediately as Issues from mobile phones. Checkpoints are highlighted to foremen before starting execution of an activity so that the parameters of safety are never breached.

Insightful Analysis

Minimize disputes arising out of managing a trail of paper checklists for quality on construction projects. Digitize checklists in real-time with the SuperWise Mobile App. Checklists can easily be searched, viewed and exported as PDF for sharing with partners and stakeholders.

It is difficult to quantify the impact of poor quality & safety on the cost of the construction projects which is one of the key reasons why it is back-burnered. SuperWise quantifies this impact and benchmarks contractors based on their quality of work & safety compliance. With data driven insights available from Checklists and Issues reported, Educate staff & Raise Awareness on quality & safety management to improve the efficiency in the project.


We have prepared standard formats of checklists to be used. Can we import it?

Absolutely. Get in touch with us with your formats and we will help you import those as they are.

Can I configure SuperWise to remind my quality engineer to be notified of a checklist periodically?

Sure that is possible. You can set the periodicity and start date of the checklist for a project. The system will notify the user periodically for filling the checklist. You can even configure a project calendar to ensure that there are no reminders on holidays.

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