Digitization in real-time

Digitization for Trasparency in operations of Government Bodies has been advocated but most of the measures undertaken by Government Organizations has been in moving from Books to Excel to ERP software. There have been little efforts towards ensuring the sanctity of the information that is digitized.

In case of construction of infrastructure, delay in digitization of information more often than not has an impact on the sanctity of the information. SuperWise helps curb mis-reporting and manipulation of information by digitizing project information in real-time with live geo-tagged photographs taken from the project site.

e-Measurement Book & Bill Certification

The authority for certifying bills submitted by contractors is left to individuals. While protocols are defined for certifying bills, there is no assurance on whether those processes were followed before certifying a bill. It is critical to ensure that the actual work was done to the extent claimed and the quality of workmanship and materials used for execution were as per specification.

With SuperWise, the Measurement Book that is maintained in Excel files or Handwritten registers by most government bodies, is digitized & supported with relevant quality checklists, receipts of delivered materials and work execution photographs. After bill certification is done through this process, Bills can directly be integrated into an ERP or accounting system that is already being used by the Government Body.

Independent Audit services

We understand that ambitious Government Bodies are short staffed in comparison with the work undertaken. Most Government bodies employ independent agencies or project management companies to help ensure that the standards and processes defined by the organization are met on the projects.

SuperWise facilitates setting up of a T-PMO i.e. Technology Enabled Project Management Office within Government Bodies where Project Management Professionals are stationed to track critical projects & provide visibility to Executives on the project status and help in achieving on-time delivery of the project.


We would like you to customize the application according to our requirements. Is that possible?

Yes. For Government bodies only, SuperWise offers customization options. Get in touch with us with a brief description of your requirements and our executives will get back to you with a solution.

Can you deploy SuperWise within Government approved data centers?

Yes, absolutely. While we work with the most trusted cloud providers across the globe (Google Cloud), we understand the compliances for working with Government Bodies.

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