Cash gap Forecasting

Unlike ERP software, SuperWise does not track BOQs and construction schedule separately. Linking BOQs to the Construction Schedule helps estimate the month-on-month cash outflow on the project. By facilitating real-time tracking of the construction schedule, SuperWise automatically shifts the estimate to accurately forecast the current month-on-month cash outflow.

By integrating with ERP and Sales CRM software, SuperWise provides a detailed report of the projected costs and the project payment milestones that are going to be completed. Clubbing that with the customer payment schedule, SuperWise delivers an accurate picture of the cash gaps in the project.

Rely on Processes, not just reports

Most Real-Estate funds track their portfolio projects only from a bird’s eye view. However, it is important to establish that the broad numbers are coming from the finer details in the project. The impact of not adopting proper project management processes on projects is often underestimated and is only realized at a stage where corrections are difficult to make.

With SuperWise, Real-Estate Asset Management Companies can promote and monitor the right project management process on their projects. AMCs can get accurate and detailed insights on the project that can keep a check on the overall health of the project, identify risks and plan for contingencies well in advance.

Compliance Monitoring

It has been well established by bodies such as GRESB that the financial performance of companies is proportional to the performance of the company in adhering to compliances such as ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) [Source]

SuperWise not only helps in keeping track of the project performance in terms of time and cost but also helps in driving compliance on the construction site. SuperWise notifies the designated users for performing regular EH&S audits and maintains a record of those reports as per standards required by the company.


We do not want to rely on the information developers or builders provide. Do you offer audit services for our portfolio projects?

This is a common requirement that we come across and we do engage project management professionals to visit your portfolio projects and deliver key insights of the project using the SuperWise platform. Get in touch with us to know more about this service.

There is no mention of tracking sales and payments from customers with SuperWise. How can SuperWise help identify cash gaps without having this option?

That is correct. In isolation, SuperWise can provide accurate information with regards to when a payment milestone will be hit and forecast the construction expenses on the project. However, integrating with a sales management software like Salesforce and accounting software (or ERP) we can predict accurately the cash gaps in the project.

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