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Track Time

Construction projects are not cookie-cut projects. Since it is usually the blue collared staff that is in charge at the construction site, it is difficult to implement complex daliy reporting processes. However, informal reporting practices such as Whatsapp groups and Excel files, make the organization dependent on individual judgements to forecast delays or cost escalations. SuperWise Construction Management Software users are always updated on the status of the project with the Daily Progress Report (DPR) they have on their phones at the end of each day.

  • Smart 2D Construction Scheduling
  • Real-time Progress Updates & Photos
  • Package-wise Contractor schedule
  • Delay & Hindrance Log
  • Track Labour Productivity
  • Link schedule to BIM

Track Cost

ERP software help in cost control by restricting the actual amount under the estimated amount. However, project managers need to analyse & identify trends that may result in a cost escalation early. SuperWise Construction Management Software helps track project costs in correlation with the construction schedule. By tracking the activity-wise quantity of work done, it is possible to accurately assess & reduce the impact of deviations. Linking BOQs & Construction Schedule gives an accurate forecast of project cashflow & material requirement.

  • BOQs linked to Construction Schedule
  • Material Procurement Schedule
  • Contractor RA Bill Certification
  • Project cashflow projection
  • Material Reconciliation
  • Digitized Measurement Book

Track Quality

Checklists or Punchlists are essential to every process to ensure quality and safety. In construction projects, adherence to quality and safety is extremely critical and non-compliance on these aspects has catastrophic consequences. Yet, most construction sites adopt crude practices such as handwritten checklists for quality & safety that eventually undermine the importance of Quality & Safety. SuperWise Construction Management Software brings Quality & Safety to the forefront & by designing a practical process that delivers quality assurance on sites.

  • Pre-defined Quality & Safety Checklists
  • Role-based Responsibility for Checklists
  • Schedule reminders for Checklists
  • Activity-linked Checklists
  • Material Quality Checklists
  • Material Testing Reports

Digitize your construction project in Real-Time

Material Management

Manage material flow from raising indent to comparing Quotations to Purchase Orders & recording GRNs on-site. You can also track material consumption & it's inventory

Asset Management

Track machinery & equipment rentals on-site. The daily report shows the Plant & Machinery on the site at any given day & also tracks their consumption of resources (fuel)

Quality & Safety

Engineers can fill the checklists assigned & scheduled for them. Non-conformance to quality or safety requirements can be recorded as violations with photos taken in real-time

Comprehensive Construction Management Software

Labour & Staff Attendance

Track contractor-wise labour & site staff attendance at the site. Measure labour productivity by tracking work done vs labour required to accomplish the work

Petty Cash Expenses

Reconcile site cash given to foremen and project managers for cash expenses incurred towards travel, food, local purchases & other miscellaneous heads

Task Progress Update

Progress update on Construction schedule & BOQs can be recorded in real-time with photographs of the work done. Avoid misreporting & manipulation of dates


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Shree Naman Group (Real-Estate Developer)
Skylark Constructions Pvt Ltd (General Civil Contractor)
Reliable Constrotech Enterprises (General Civil Contractor)
R M Bhattad Group (Event Infrastructure Contractor)
Mansi Construction (Government Contractor - Infrastructure)
Conexus Social Responsibility Services (CSR)

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