2D Construction Scheduling Software

Standardize construction schedule across projects

For organizations handling multiple projects, the planning methodology & terminology used for the same activity varies based on the preferences of the construction planner working on the project.

With SuperWise, planning engineers get access to a 2D planning engine that ensures that the same terminology is used across projects. A vast library of construction schedule templates for different types of work & projects prepared by experienced construction planners can be used and customized as per requirements. More importantly, the construction schedule is checked for errors by the software to ensure that there are no loopholes. Standardization helps in analyzing and benchmarking the performance of construction contractors and project managers.

Simplifying the job of a Construction Planner

Leave the repetition to Machines

In the initial phase of the project, a construction planner spends time carefully replicating the typical schedule of one floor or flat across the entire project maintaining the links between activities. Leave this cumbersome & repetitive process, by moving to a visual flow-chart software that allows for construction planning the way it's meant to be done. Pre-defined Schedule templates work like lego blocks which can be interconnected to complete the construction schedule in a matter of minutes.

In the execution phase, planning engineers are responsible for following-up with the site execution team to collect details about the current status of the project and manually update & reschedule the project. SuperWise mobile app enables seamless real-time updates directly on the construction schedule & the software automatically reschedules the project to the current date.

MS Project & Primavera alternative

Compatibility with MS Project & Primavera

Microsoft Project (MSP) and Oracle Primavera are the premier construction scheduling software applications. SuperWise enhances the ability to create & track the construction schedule by providing a visual interface with pre-defined templates & the ability to track the construction schedule in real-time with the help of a simple mobile application.

With SuperWise, you can import & export MS Project (.mpp) files & Oracle Primavera (.xer) files out of the box. There is support for Tasks, Summary (WBS), Milestones, Resources & Constraints in the construction schedule.


We handle large projects with construction schedules having more than 100,000 activities. We have tried online tools that have a mobile interface but we do not find them useful for large projects. Have you tested SuperWise for practical project schedules?

That is one of the most common concerns for planners. We ensure that whether it be your browser or your mobile device, your project schedule will be opened in a matter of seconds. Not only that, the construction schedule can be filtered based on title, departments, dates or status quickly.

Can you convert my construction schedule into a 2D diagram?

Not yet, but stay tuned as we are working on cracking it!

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