Plan vs Actual. Cash flow projection

Data-driven decision making

Real-Estate Developers and Owners are dependent on HODs (Head of Departments) & CXOs to get the current status of the project accurately and give a realistic forecast of where the project is headed. Given that at most organizations departments work in isolation, Owners and Real-Estate Developers often get a biased view of the project from the perspective of the team member. Unavailability of an accurate and holistic view of the project becomes a major roadblock that results in delayed decision-making.

With SuperWise, get an accurate view of Planned v/s Actual v/s Forecasted project cost and schedule to make decisions with confidence. Assess the impact on project cost and the timeline for changes in strategy by doing a side-by-side comparison.

Collaboration between Stakeholders for Real-Estate Developers

Friction-less collaboration

Communication on a common repository of information in real-time allows teams to access up-to-date and accurate information on the project. SuperWise makes it possible to engage teams to collaborate and address hindrances in the project to achieve the goals of the Real-Estate Developers and Owners.

SuperWise enables collaboration within an organization and also between organizations. Engage Contractors, Consultants, Architects & Real-Estate Funds to open a trusted communication channel between organizations that leads to faster resolution of issues, faster certification of contractor's bills and unbiased performance benchmarking of stakeholders.

Machine Learning & AI for Construction Projects

Intelligent insights from previous Projects

An important aspect of developing a reliable project delivery process involves carrying forward the learnings from previous projects. Whether it be material price variations, contractor's performance, typical delays, labour productivity, common construction quality & safety issues, all of these form the basis for estimating and executing consecutive projects successfully.

Due to lack of organized information, Real-Estate Developers and Owners lose out on the learnings from the past projects. SuperWise reviews and analyzes performance reports from past projects to ensure the right appointments are made and provisions for probable risks are made in advance.


I have appointed a construction PMC on my project. Do I still need SuperWise?

No. If you have appointed a construction project management company to manage the project, it would be the responsibility of the consultancy company to make sure that a real-time dashboard is made available to you and the learnings from the completed project are shared with you at the time of handover.

We are using SAP for our real-estate company. What is it that SuperWise has to offer beyond SAP?

SuperWise is not an ERP system and doesn’t intend to become one. For real-estate developers, SAP would be a good option to manage and maintain financial accounting for the company. SuperWise is designed to give you transparency on your construction projects in real-time. It helps you track the health of your project in terms of time, cost and quality in a consolidated manner. With SuperWise, you'd be able to generate cash flow projection and share MIS Reports with other stakeholders (Real-Estate Funds). We offer seamless integration with SAP.

Do you also have the option to manage real-estate sales with SuperWise?

Not at the moment. We specialize in Construction Management Operations and we believe it is important for the real-estate developers who are our customers to get the best Construction Management Software and Support for their projects. That said, we do integrate with some of the top sales management software such as Salesforce. Get in touch with us if you need to integrate with a specific tool you would like to use for managing sales.

I see no option for financial accounting. Am I missing something?

No, you’re right. Like Sales, there are better tools available for Financial Accounting and we do not intend to reinvent the wheel. We integrate with SAP, Quickbooks, Xero, Tally and custom ERP tools for financial accounting. You can always get in touch with us if you need integration with a specific financial accounting tool you are using.

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