MIS Reports for Construction PMC

Concise & Consistent MIS Reports

A Construction PMC spends a lot of time and effort in manually preparing lengthy MIS Reports from the scattered information on the project to submit to clients at the end of each month only to find clients point out anomalies and inconsistencies in consecutive reports.

SuperWise offers concise, consistent and automated MIS Reports that convey actionable insights to clients thereby enabling faster decision making. SuperWise helps Project Management Companies in creating a differentiation of service and building trust with their clients.

Construction Claim Management & Dispute Resolution

Data-driven dispute resolution

A Construction PMC, while serving as a client representative is a bridge between the construction contractors or suppliers and the client on the project. Alleviating concerns of the Construction Contractors and Suppliers are critical to the success of the project and is also a responsibility of the PMC.

Digitized and easily accessible historical information of the project helps construction project management companies to settle disputes faster. Information in SuperWise is supported by photographic evidence and audit trail making it a reliable platform for both clients and contractors/suppliers.

Construction Project Management Triangle


Often, singularly focusing on completion of the project within the planned Cost, leaves Time & Quality on the back-burner. An experienced Construction PMC understands the connectedness of Time, Cost & Quality in the Iron Triangle (or the Project Management Triangle) and that failure in any one of the aspects of the project will have a direct impact on the Cost of the Project. The challenge for a PMC is to quantify & convince clients of this.

With SuperWise, construction project management consultants can track Time, Cost and Quality in an integrated manner. Accurately quantify & communicate the impact of failure to meet the project timeline or compromising quality on the cost of the project and drive better decision making from clients.


Can SuperWise integrate with BIM to provide 5D BIM?

Yes certainly. SuperWise is part of the Autodesk Developer Network and integrates with Autodesk Revit and BIM 360. However, if there is any specific BIM software that you would want SuperWise to integrate with, get in touch with us.

We use Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Project for project management. Our staff is well-versed in this software already. Why should we shift to SuperWise Construction Management Software?

While Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project are both great tools for Project Management, SuperWise Project Management Software is specifically designed for the construction industry to include construction supervisors in the project management process to report information directly from construction projects in real-time. Project Managers can spend more time in value engineering than on day-to-day operations with SuperWise. Furthermore, SuperWise adds the third critical dimension of managing Construction Quality and Safety which is not possible directly with Oracle Primavera or MS Project.
More importantly, the learning curve for your users will be negligible since they already are aware of how a Project Management Software works. If that is not enough, you can import and export both Oracle Primavera (.xer) files and Microsoft Project (.mpp) files

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