RA Bill Certification

Faster RA Bill Certification

The billing engineer is responsible for verifying the quantity & quality of actual work done on the site. Billing engineers manage measurement records in spreadsheets (Excel files) & summarize the same in ERP software for billing. Scattered information across multiple spreadsheets & summary level bills in ERP, do not help in identifying manual errors.

With SuperWise, Measurement Records can be pasted from Spreadsheets or created automatically from estimation. For certifying the bill of a Contractor for a given period, SuperWise automatically calculates the billing amount ensuring that only unbilled & verified measurements are considered. The contractor's work order, schedule of work, measurement records & quality checklists in one view makes it easier to make decisions and process RA Bills.

Material Reconciliation

Accurate Material Reconciliation

Material reconciliation is a difficult task during the execution phase given that multiple contractors are issued multiple materials that may only be partially consumed. Only towards the end of the project or when the material requirement has already exceeded the planned quantity that reconciliation can be done or is required to be done.

SuperWise records every transaction with contractors for every material right from Material Delivery to Material Issue & Material Consumption. At any point in time, material stock on site and stock available with the contractor is visible. Deviation in consumption of material, Floor-wise & even Flat-wise, can be tracked to the quantity of material required for the project.

Work Order Amendments

Change Order Requests

Design changes during the project or practical modifications based on site conditions are common in construction projects. Non-BOQ items need to be executed on the site & billing engineers are responsible for quantifying & estimating the same. Billing engineers, to process these on-the-fly modifications, have to mail or submit additional forms in ERP software to get the contract modified.

With SuperWise, Billing engineers can record these changes & SuperWise automatically generates a Change Order Request for the contracts team. The contracts team merely has to review & approve the modifications to create a work order amendment.


Can contractors/sub-contractors submit their claims (Measurement) & RA Bills directly?

Definitely. You can provide restricted access for your contractors/sub-contractors and have them submit their work done claims and RA Bills directly on SuperWise. You only need to verify the information shared and then approve/decline the claims made. They can also check the status of their bills and payments released against the same.

Can I raise debit notes to a contractor?

Yes. Billing Engineers can submit debit notes to a contractor for various reasons that are categorized under Debit Reasons. The Debit notes will be adjusted in the RA Bills of the Contractor.

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