Easy-to-use Construction Scheduling Software

Simplifying construction scheduling

Our proprietary 2D construction scheduling software solution enables construction planners to plan construction projects in less than 1/10th of the time they would otherwise take.

Exclusive access to an extensive library of pre-defined Construction scheduling Templates prepared by experts helps standardize construction planning across projects. Optionally, we facilitate Project Planning Services by qualified experts in the case where the project team does not have the requisite planning expertise or bandwidth.

Real-time Activity Status

Real-Time Project Status

The schedule prepared (or imported from Microsoft Project or Primavera) is available to the Project Team to review and plan their daily schedule on their mobile phones. The project team is made aware of the critical path in the project so that critical activities in the schedule are taken up on priority.

Construction planners function better with SuperWise as the responsibility of getting progress updates and updating the construction schedule is handled automatically. The real-time updates from the construction site come with live photographs from the site that prevents misreporting and manipulation of information.

With real-time updates, SuperWise can accurately project month-on-month cashflow & identify cash gaps for sharing with Private Equity Investors and Lenders.

Efficient Collaboration between Stakeholders

Smarter collaboration between teams

Construction Schedule is the backbone of a construction project and with SuperWise, it is not restricted to only tracking delay on the project. Construction Schedule, in SuperWise, has interfaces with the other two aspects of a project, Cost & Quality.

SuperWise goes beyond just digitizing quality and safety checklists. By intelligently notifying the Quality & Safety management team at the critical events in the construction schedule and prompting them with relevant safety procedures and quality checkpoints, SuperWise ensures that Quality & Safety becomes an integral part of the project management process.

The Contracts & Procurement team has access to the current status of the project and is notified of Upcoming Material requirements even before the requisition is made from the construction site. The progress updates help arrive at outstanding liability towards contractors and expedite bill certification.


I have the project schedule in Microsoft Project (MSP) or Oracle Primavera already. Can I use SuperWise mobile app to track progress?

Absolutely! You can Import an mpp (Microsoft Project), xer (Oracle Primavera) or xml file directly in your SuperWise project and the construction schedule will be available on from your mobile phone.

I like what SuperWise has to offer but as a contractual condition, I need to be using Microsoft Project (MSP) or Oracle Primavera. Is there a way where I can still use SuperWise and satisfy my contractual obligation?

Sure, why not! You can use our construction scheduling software to plan and track your project. The schedule can be seamlessly exported back to an xml file which can be directly imported into Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera.

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