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General/Civil Contractors

For construction contractors, the ability to take up new opportunities is restricted by the feasibility of the promoters to physically be present at the construction site at regular intervals. Let SuperWise Construction Management Software be your eyes on the project & take more opportunities with existing resources.

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Trade Contractors

More projects = More chaos. For trade contractors handling multiple projects, informal and varied reporting practices are followed at different sites, making it difficult for owners to track the profitability of their projects. Standardize processes across projects with SuperWise Construction Management Software.

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Construction PMC

Construction PMC is the domain expert in the field of project management and is expected to set up the right processes to deliver the project within the constraints of Time, Cost & Quality. Differentiate your offering & deliver a professional experience to your clients with SuperWise

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Real-Estate Developers

Are you dependent on individuals or ERP software to provide visibility and control on your projects? Move to SuperWise and boost the project management capabilities of your organization. Get intelligent insights & auto-adjusting month-on-month cashflow reports for your projects at your fingertips.

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Real-Estate Funds & AMCs

Finding anomalies in the project information shared by real-estate developers and PMCs is a challenge for every Real-estate Fund & AMC. SuperWise can help get an accurate view of the health of the project & the portfolio and forecast accurately the cashflow requirement on every portfolio project.

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Government Bodies

There is a visible push for Government Bodies to leverage technology to achieve transparency and timeliness in their operations. SuperWise e-Governance solution has been designed to enable Municipal Corporations, Railways, Road Transport & Housing Corporations to deliver quality projects in time.

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