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Construction Planner

An innovative construction scheduling software designed to improve the productivity of planning engineers by automating menial work & bringing standardization to the construction schedule for all the projects within the organization.

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Contracts & Purchase

Efficiency in upstream & downstream construction contract management for contracts & purchase teams to help execute the construction project smoothly. Real-time collaboration with the execution team to optimize appointments & material purchases.

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Construction Manager

Construction professionals across departments in a construction company work in isolation on different tools making the task of a construction manager difficult. SuperWise brings all the stakeholders on a common platform, enabling efficient coordination.

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Supervisor & Foreman

Supervisors are left out of Construction ERP software either due to the per-user pricing model or due to the complexity. But without their input information wouldn't be reliable. We help construction supervisors report information in real-time from their mobile phones.

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Billing Engineer

Billing engineers are required to assess the quality & quantity of work done on the site. They are also responsible for summarising & uploading RA Bills to the ERP software. SuperWise helps expedite the process of bill preparation by automatically estimating RA Bills based on work done.

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Owner & Management

SuperWise helps construction owners in early identification of deviation from the budget or construction schedule & make data-driven decisions to improve the state of the project. SuperWise ensures that the organization leverages technology to drive efficiency in construction operations.

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Material Deliveries

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