Value Engineering

Value Engineering & Change Management

Project managers & Decision makers can keep track of changes made in the construction estimation (BOQs) along with causes for the change throughout the project lifecycle. SuperWise helps in faster decision making by allowing stakeholders to do a side-by-side impact analysis of design or execution changes made during the project to optimize the profitability of the project.

With user-defined approval workflows, SuperWise allows for multi-level approvals so that changes made in the BOQs are reviewed and accepted by all concerned stakeholders.

Digitzed Measurement Book

Digitize Measurement Book

Measurement Book holds important information with regards to the actual quantum of work executed on the site and is substantial evidence in case of disputes. Instead of being managed in multiple excel files, Measurement Sheets are now organized into a pre-defined structure linked to BOQs and Schedule. Records can be imported from Excel or created from the web-based interface. Digitized records are audited and help in faster processing of the Contractor's bills.

For projects that have a well-defined scope and design, SuperWise facilitates the automated creation of measurement records based on work progress updates sent from the mobile app reducing efforts of a billing engineer and enforcing cost control.

Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM) technique is deployed to benchmark project performance during the construction phase. SuperWise enables companies to derive the Planned Value (PV), Actual Cost (AC) and the Earned Value (EV) based on the current progress of work.

Based on the Earned Value (EV), important parameters such as Schedule Variance (SV), Cost Variance (CV), Schedule Performance Index (CPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI) are derived. With SuperWise, Estimate at Completion (EAC) is arrived at in real-time and necessary provisions for the same can be made.

Cash flow projection

Accurate Forecasting

Cash Outflow projection is based on Planned Schedule, Current Progress and Budget. More often than not, all three aspects of a construction project are managed independently of each other. Cashflow forecast, in such scenarios, is highly unreliable and can lead to unidentified cash gaps, which is one of the key reasons for projects running in delay and eventually becoming unviable.

Activity linked BOQs along with real-time updates from the construction site facilitate accurate month-on-month cash outflow projection on-the-go. By identifying cash gaps on projects accurately, SuperWise ensures that construction projects never get delayed due to unoptimized financial planning.


Do I need to follow BOQs authored by SuperWise?

Not at all. You can bring your company standards and import them from Excel files. In case you are implementing a solution for the first time, we will help you set things up with BOQs authored by our team of civil engineers.

I manage my budget, procurement and contracts in SAP/ERP. Do I still need SuperWise?

You do not require to switch from SAP (or your existing ERP). SAP or any other ERP will help you view the financial aspects of the project at an organizational level. With SuperWise, you get detailed operational insights into your project that help you control your costs & timeline. For eg., Work Orders in SuperWise do not just contain the BOQ Quantities and Cost but also the activities from the Construction Schedule that the Contractor is assigned. SuperWise seamlessly integrates with SAP and other ERP software that has an API.

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