Construction Manager

Smarter Stakeholder Management

Being the bridge between contractors & organization, between site & HO (head office), the Construction Manager plays a vital role in the success of a project. Managing a construction project, often involves successfully aligning the goals of each stakeholder to that of the project.

By facilitating real-time collaboration between stakeholders, SuperWise helps the construction manager to efficiently resolve conflicts & handle claims confidently based on the up-to-date project information available on one platform.

Collaboration and Coordination

Efficient Planning & Coordination

Driving coordination between various departments of planning, contracts, procurement, execution & quality is a key challenge in construction project management as departments within a construction company usually work in silos on tools and formats of their preference.

SuperWise facilitates efficient collaboration between departments & enables the construction manager to review on-going activities in all the departments to trigger action for the expected deliverables. The construction project manager can keep the company management informed of the upcoming activities and efficiently plan allocation of resources in the project. Foreseeable hindrances are notified to concerned departments driving on-time project delivery.

Construction Safety and Quality

Ensure Quality & Safety

While the Construction Manager is responsible for delivering the project within the constraints of time & cost, adherence to safety protocols & quality standards is equally vital to the overall success of the project.

SuperWise helps Construction Managers in implementing strict yet practical quality & safety management processes of the construction sites. Construction supervisors are notified to fill the relevant checklist at the start & completion of critical activities so that there are no mishaps. Benchmarking site staff and construction contractors can be done by construction managers based on the insights provided by the SuperWise platform.


Looks like SuperWise will be an additional burden on my site team which is already short-staffed. Will I need to add additional resources on my project to use SuperWise?

SuperWise does not add any new processes or increase the burden on your site team. Contrarily, it will drastically reduce the efforts in preparing reports & increase the accuracy of the reports that are shared with the management.
Alternatively, you can also provide restricted access for your contractors/sub-contractors & make them update progress on their scope of work with SuperWise while you only need to review and approve reports submitted by them.

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