Construction Daily Report Template

Build Trust & Credibility

Successful organizations are trusted by their partners. Whether it be Developers, Government Bodies, Construction Contractors or Real-Estate Funds, having transparency on the project is vital. A summarized construction daily report provides real-time visibility on the status of the project in terms of Time, Cost & Quality.

With SuperWise, companies can monitor the project in real-time and share a professional & consistent daily report template with management and partners to build confidence in the project management capabilities of the organization. Highlight critical issues to the stakeholders as they occur to prevent delays in execution.

Eliminate Pilferage

Eliminate Misreporting & Manipulation

With the number of events happening on the construction site in a day that impacts the overall success of the project, delays in digitization & transmission of information create a massive opportunity for misreporting and manipulation. It is almost impossible to identify manipulation if the information is not digitized in real-time.

SuperWise ensures that for every event that takes place on the construction site, the information is digitized in real-time along with geo-tagged photographs (not from the gallery) from the construction site. Eliminate pilferage and maximize profits.

Track Labour Productivity

Tracking Resource Productivity

Keep track of labourers deployed by construction contractors daily and allocate labourers to activities in the construction schedule to track & compare labour productivity across projects.

SuperWise facilitates seamless integration with Smart Helmets and other IoT devices & sensors to automatically keep track of the number and category of labourers present at any point in time, area-wise on a construction site.

Similarly, daily Plant & Machinery logs can be maintained along with Fuel (or other materials) consumed by the machinery. These logs can be reconciled with the purchased fuel at the site to eliminate pilferage.


Can I view project activity from my cellphone instead of an e-mail?

Absolutely. With the SuperWise mobile app, you can filter the events and view the timeline from your cellphone with more details.

Can I share a dashboard of Daily Report with my client?

Yes. You can share a link that will give your client the limited visibility of the daily report format in the system.

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