Upstream Contract Management

Credit profile & risk assessment of every contractor & supplier is extremely vital for construction projects. More often than not, updated information on the contractors & suppliers is unavailable & orders are awarded without proper due diligence. SuperWise seamlessly integrates with tools that the gather most updated information from public sources (such as MCA in India) to facilitate faster due diligence.

With BOQs linked to the construction schedule, SuperWise provides contracts and procurement teams with an optimized plan to make appointments & schedule delivery of materials. SuperWise also helps to execute procurements & contracts transparently by providing an e-Tendering platform that ensures there is no collusion & leakage of information during the tendering phase.

Downstream Contract Management

Tracking timeliness & quality of delivery is usually left to the execution team. There is little or no visibility to contracts & procurement team for evaluating the performance of contractors & suppliers. SuperWise provides visibility on the execution front helping benchmark contractors & suppliers for future projects with data-driven insights from past projects.

Change Orders are unavoidable in construction projects. SuperWise tracks Work Orders & Purchase Orders through its entire lifecycle. Every amendment to the contract is recorded & available for side-by-side comparison with previous versions. The billing process ensures that deliveries of material & service are billed under the right version of the contract.

360° Vendor Performance Evaluation

Construction ERP software helps evaluate work orders and purchase orders in terms of cost only. However, experienced managers understand that the L1 (lowest) bidder does not always turn out the best option.Quality of Work & Timeliness of delivery is vital to monitor as they have a direct impact on the cost of the contract.

SuperWise provides a holistic view of the contract performance not only in terms of cost but also in terms of schedule and quality. Issues faced by different departments such as execution, billing & accounts with the vendor during the execution phase are recorded and available for the contracts & procurement team as a future reference.


We manage procurement and contracts in ERP (e.g. SAP) but we want insights on schedule and quality performance of suppliers and contractors. Is it possible?

Yes. SuperWise can out-of-the-box synchronize purchase orders and work orders in SAP (or other ERP systems having an API) and provide additional insights with regards to the schedule and quality performance of those orders.

Can we compare contract performance across projects?

Yes. You can design custom reports to pull out comparative information regarding a particular material or service or particular contractor across projects undertaken by your company.

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