Material Management

Material Indent to Payment

Tracking of materials is challenging in construction projects. Materials are ordered frequently and delay in delivery of materials more often than not delays the project. When indents are raised on the SuperWise app, the procurement team is notified immediately of the requirement and after the order is placed, the execution team is notified of the delivery date of the materials.

Bill certification process becomes faster & error-free as only those material deliveries accepted on site along with photographic evidence are available for billing. Payments can only be released on accepted bills. Without disturbing existing processes, SuperWise plugs loopholes in the material lifecycle.

Material Delivery

Eliminate Pilferage & Collusion

It is extremely easy to manipulate and confirm material deliveries on Project Whatsapp groups. More importantly, this information cannot be easily used to certify bills from Suppliers.

With SuperWise there is complete authenticity of material receipts on the construction site. All the information, including geotagged images of the challan or delivery receipt and the vehicle delivering the material, are recorded and digitized in real-time within 1 minute on the SuperWise mobile app. These receipts get directly linked to Purchase Bills from Suppliers so that any discrepancy in the bill is highlighted immediately.

Material Inventory

Material Inventory & Reconciliation Logs

It is a challenging task for companies to keep track of materials issued from stores to contractors (or sub-contractors). It is very late in the project that the team realizes that they are going to miss their material requirement estimates by an unreasonable margin and there is very little that can be done then.

With SuperWise though, the entire process right from when the material is issued to the contractor until when the claims for work done are made by the contractor, the material is tracked. The consumption of the issued materials is compared with the cost analysis made for the work at the estimation stage. Deviation in the consumption of materials is identified & highlighted at an early stage. Floorwise and even Flatwise Consumption of materials can be analyzed to make the contractors more prudent in the consumption of free supply materials. The Actual cost of work done (services + material) helps benchmark contractors for future projects.


My site does not have reliable internet connectivity. Can I still use SuperWise?

Yes. The SuperWise App can work offline but internet connectivity is essential to sync information from the App to the servers periodically. If your site office has internet connectivity then the information entered during the day can be synchronized at the end of the day on the office network.

Can I log Good Received Note (GRN) in the app without creating Purchase Orders?

Yes. Material delivery can be recorded without a Purchase Order (PO). You can even restrict this functionality to selected materials only.

I am unsure of the Material Quantity. Can I still create Purchase Orders for my suppliers?

Yes. You can fix the prices and issue Purchase Orders without specifying the quantity.

In that case, how will I be able to control the quantity delivered?

There is an option to schedule material delivery. Whenever there is a requirement from the site, a delivery schedule is added (for a specified quantity) and the delivery is recorded against that schedule. If the quantity exceeds the scheduled quantity, the material delivery will be flagged.

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