Multiple Projects, One Solution

With multiple projects and multiple people handling those projects, processes and format of reporting tend to vary across projects based on the preferences of individuals. Move over to SuperWise to deliver a reliable and consistent experience to clients.

Reliably implement practical processes across all projects to receive information in one format at one place. Our easy-to-understand and easy-to-operate solution can be successfully implemented & replicated across projects almost immediately.

Daily Progress Updates

Automated e-mail of professional & well formatted daily progress reports (DPR) for each project is sent at the end of each day to the stakeholders. It includes complete details of materials delivered, materials consumed, site inventory, labour & staff attendace & work progress during the day with real-time photographs.

Trade contractors are dependent on other contractors for workfront availability. A readily available log of materials, manpower and machinery deployed on a project helps trade contractors make claims in case of delay on projects due to other parties involved in the project.

Staff Attendance Tracking

Tracking staff attendance on construction projects is a challenge. There is little scope for deploying fingerprint scanners. Even if they are deployed, due to the worn of skin at the fingers for site staff, there is high probability of fingerprint scanners not working well. More importantly, the results from fingerprint scanners can easily be manipulated.

Not with SuperWise though! A facial recognition engine working in cohesion with a GPS tracker detects staff from the front camera and validates the location of the person with that of the project. The SuperWise attendance tool can work with a fingerprint scanner connected with a mobile device as well.


I see that the pricing is per project basis. We have multiple projects running simultaneously so is there a flat fee plan or a one-time fee?

While we do not have a one-time fee or a flat fee plan, we definitely have differentiated offerings for Trade Contracting Companies. Get in touch with us and we shall help you out.

Can we try the software for a few days before we purchase it?

We have a program for companies that want to use the software before buying. As of now the program is limited to 10 companies that we have identified for the program. Please submit a contact request for getting considered for the program.

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