Improves Credibility of Construction Contractors

Build Trust & Credibility

Trust deficit is common between the construction contractor & the client on a project. SuperWise helps to set up the right processes for a General or a Civil Contractor that will drive the client's confidence in the execution capabilities of the contractor. Digitized information is valuable to the construction contractor in case of claim management.

Trust deficit also exists between the construction management team on-site & head offices of construction contractors. Leverage technology to create an environment of trust in the organization. SuperWise Construction Management mobile app helps get sanitized information from the construction sites in real-time with geotagged photographs.

Track Project Profitability

Bird's eye to Worm's eye view

As the owner of a construction contracting company, developing client relationships & exploring new business opportunities are as important as successfully delivering existing work. SuperWise takes care of the latter while you can focus on the former.

SuperWise Construction Management Software eliminates dependency on people to provide insights required to make decisions. The application raises red flags well in advance, giving time to dive into details and course correct. The project information is accessible even from the mobile app at the click of a button. You can keep a tab on the health of the project & drill-down into problem areas up to the minutest level of detail to ensure that the construction projects perform according to your plans.

Construction Management Software for Civil Contractor

Practical Processes, Instant Adoption

A construction site is chaotic. Expecting blue-collared staff to open a laptop, log-in on a mediocre internet connection to the construction ERP and painstakingly submit information on a clumsy form at the end of each day is impractical. Most of the complex processes that ERP software enforce are tweaked or bypassed on the construction site. It is important to set-up systems that are designed for construction sites taking into account the capacity of the staff and supporting infrastructure.

SuperWise Construction Management Mobile App is designed to reduce the efforts of a construction supervisor in relaying information back to the head office. You can start getting real-time updates from your construction projects within 24 hours. Unlike complex construction ERP software, SuperWise can start working for you almost immediately.


We are a growing construction contracting company and have a flat hierarchy. Will this create a burden on my already busy staff?

Not at all. SuperWise does not add anything additional from what processes you are already adopting. It helps in getting more out of the existing processes by plugging loopholes.

Our staff is not qualified enough to operate any software. Can SuperWise be used in such scenarios?

In our experience, every individual who is using Whatsapp is qualified to use SuperWise. If your team can report back information on Whatsapp, they will be able to with SuperWise more efficiently.

There are many free tools available on the app store. What is the advantage of using SuperWise?

Simple: The average time to go live with SuperWise is <24hrs. Construction Supervisors start using it with minimal training because it already is adapted to their current processes.
Reliable: Real-time information is vital in the construction industry and SuperWise ensures that there is no downtime to our customers and immediate support is available when required.
Secure: Any construction project management software contains sensitive information that needs to be protected. SuperWise works with the world's best cloud providers (Google Cloud) and adopts the best practices in the industry to keep your data secure.

That said, seeing is believing. We allow customers to try SuperWise for Free. We are certain that you will not be having this query after the trial period.

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